Red King Reign

 Thanks to Stephen King for writing the Dark Tower Series and providing me with the inspiration to write this, may the Red King Reign.
Wisp of prayer on the wind says “ to End World
would you follow?” – the
 tower speaks to I alone –
tired eyes reign o’r this world,
I augur death to it an every world.
Cry off!  Porten’ quick death yet come
for thy catet has wandered long
and is long gone.

(Aye I’ll say plain)
You know not what you seek
what do when my eye
alone could fly mans’
heart like moths of pitch.
The weight of a world gone weighs
your brow, hat brim lilt down,
dry sweat a’ tears spent.
You come though this world
Too has moved on.
Where be the Horn of Eld?
Dry twig snaps on brushed steel –
laughter – how came the loss of
such a thing? Pha I care not
 mark me boy, mark me Roland,
come to the tower. Death,
I the spider, await.

I pine for thee
as a rabid dog for
man flesh, gnarled tree of
Thunderclap for water,
misogynist to backhand daughter.
Oh Discordia, mistress of dark ether,
I cry out prayers for your rise
to consume the worlds of lies.
I sing devotion to the
wind bring mortal man
to shudder, each word a crib
where babo breathes last breath
stale tears yet wet.
When the worlds unmade
my mind of broken thought will reign.
 Oh Discordia my love,
such ecstasy is destruction.

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