Book of Malakai

I'm as old as my father was when I was born
I wonder if he'd of known just what his son would become
would he insisted this misbegotten son be undone I was
bought and won, missed all fun,
never show feelings none
always thinkin to myself but
 its time I get off the shelf let loose let go tighten the noose
I'm sick a cringin' from the abuse.

Think you can rock hold tight to the top
but the truth is Malakai can't be stopped -
from the biblical to the lyrical tainted with treasonous thoughts,
bringer of the message but my bottles are fraught
with demons ill begot

I see through the ground to the
depths of hell and its seepin through the cracks of your mental jail.
You fail to understand the master's only plan
the souls bought and sold under the thumb of Abraham

I'm the Original Judas come so you can understand
all that you know is a lie.
Everything you've been told since you were a year old
has been a battle for your human soul - I don't mean
the infinite manifestation I mean your humanity your mind everything
that makes you think that your fine, but your not.
You're morally bankrupt spiritual efficacy nada just like I don't see my father.
God left this world he's not comin back he
 left to make a better universe.

The Book of Malakai was supposed to be the last book of the earth,
humanity snuffed out given a new birth but the time has passed and nobody was worth.
It's just us with the animals the cannibals the psychopathic
corporate mandibles that chew up your lives your only purpose now
is to pay taxes and die. Reagan was elected God in heaven shit don't look surprised.

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