What is Knowing

You are an imbecile.  Honestly I'm not very smart either, but I only know this because of how much I've learned.  Do you think that you have knowledge?  That you know things?  If your perception of yourself is that of an "intelligent" person your fucking kidding yourself.  The fact of the matter is that you don't know a damn thing.  If I take a hammer to your car, will you be able to fix it?  What about a lightswitch?  Your oven?  Do you know how a TV - that thing that you spend hours in front of every day - works? Maybe I'm being too hard on you, how about something simple like a cup?  If I smash your cup upon the ground, can you make a new one?  Do you appreciate the work and effort that has to go into something so simple as a receptical for water?  I don't believe that you understand how anything in your world works, but don't feel bad the same is true for most everyone in our society.  But you see what you think you know is not knowledge, knowledge comes from thinking, and you do not know how to think, you are told what to think.  You are a sponge that absorbs information and then spits it back out, and that's all.

When you begin to think, to see the world the way that a child does, catering to that human inquisitiveness, then and only then do you begin to understand the world around you.  If you question everything, as you should, you can understand the things around you: technology, people, government, society, the functioning of the world, the universe, and the human spirit.  By questioning everything, being open to everything, without judging and without imposing upon the world your own preconceived notions - which are themselves a product of society - you can have the beginning of understanding, and thus true knowledge.

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