A love of writing has ever been a constant in my life.  Other hobbies have come and gone, and I can't imagine myself working towards any other lifelong goal.  This blog will chronicle the creation of my work for the next few years.  I'm hoping to get my own website up and running, win a few competitions, and inevitably publish short stories and novels.  Much of what I've been writing lately has been horror of one form or another, but I also have a strong interest in sci/fi and fantasy.  I'm also dabbling in the zombie sub-genre.  I'm working on a writing degree, and I've been studying psychology and human nature on my own time.  I've given some thought into going into marketing, but haven't really decided.   I'll definitely be entering the National Novel Writing Month in november, and hopefully I'll get some short stories published in the meantime. http://www.nanowrimo.org/

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